chef-client & jruby on CentOS 6 courtesy of FrameOS/RBEL

Update: the Opscode wiki now has a more up-to-date and official guide, I suggest you refer to it instead of this post. I’ll leave the rest here for posterity.

If you’ve been following FrameOS development you’ll have seen the announcement that their packages for ruby, jruby and chef are now available for all RHEL-based distros. This simpilifies our builds (prior to this we were building jruby & rubygems/chef from source) and is one less thing to maintain.

Couldn’t be easier really:

  1. # rpm -Uvh

  2. Make sure the Server Optional channel is active:

    # yum-config-manager --enable rhel-6-server-optional-rpms

  3. Install!

    # yum install ruby, ruby-devel, jruby, rubygem-chef