Limited ignoring of join/part noise in irssi

I so rarely need to change my /ignore settings in irssi that I never remember the syntax. This is for my benefit as much as yours if you’ve arrived here via Google.

I use irssi for my daily irc & im (via Bitlbee) work. On a couple of networks I have some intermittently misbehaving bots which join/part notification and chat channels. I’ve tried fixing the bots, but the Hudson Jabber bot in particular just seems to come online, say its piece and leave. Irssi /ignore to the rescue:

/ignore *! -network Bitlbee -channels &bitlbee #dev #build JOINS PARTS QUITS
/ignore *! -network albion -channels #chat JOINS PARTS QUITS

It makes sense when I see it written out, but I still forget it. I’ll also take this opportunity to recommend the Hudson Jabber bot despite it’s inability to maintain a steady connection. It joins our jabber groupchats and behaves pretty much exactly like a traditional irc bot - except I get gtalk mention/notifications on my Android phone “for free”.